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Trago2Wheels took its first forays into Moto Gymkhana in 2014 - and we're planning more events in the future. We persuaded Andrew Freeman, Director and Founder of Moto Gymkhana UK to write a bit about it...so here goes!

If you haven't been to one of Trago2Wheel's Moto Gymkhana days, where have you been? This Japanese sport - which Performance Bike magazine described as 'the most insane non-lethal sport they have ever seen' - has been building in the UK over the past five years.

It combines skill, accuracy and determination to complete a course in the fastest time possible. The best bit is that anyone can take part, as all you need is a full road licence and a road legal motorcycle. It's a massive amount of fun, with the side effect of increasing your bike skills and confidence hugely.  It's also strangely addictive, you just want to go on doing it - to beat your own time, let alone anyone else's!

Over the coming years, we at Moto Gymkhana UK are looking to build a network of clubs. In partnership with Trago2Wheels, we would like to start one at Trago Mills. With that in mind, over the coming months, we'll be running a series of events with Trago2Wheels, to gauge the level of interest in the sport. So if you want to find out what this fantastic sport is all about, come along and give it a go. Dates and details will follow on the T2W website as well as on www.motogymkhana.org

You can also follow us on Facebook: MotoGymkhanaUK and on Twitter:@motogymkhana  

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See you soon....